One of the axes that make up the DNA of Granca Live Fest is our firm commitment to sustainability and care for our environment. We are well aware that a music festival can cause a significant impact on the surrounding environment if measures are not taken to minimize it, and that is exactly what we worked so hard for the first edition of the festival paying special attention to the following points:

- Energy consumption: we installed engines with low emission telemetry, eco-efficient refrigerators, LED lighting with on/off controls, the main connection was to the stadium grid thus avoiding scope I emissions and the transfer vehicles were mostly eco-labeled.

- Waste management: a rigorous selection of waste was carried out at the festival and treated by the various authorized agents.

- Messages and signage throughout the site: in addition to projecting messages at each break to raise awareness among attendees to take care of the site and be environmentally responsible, the areas where the 140 waste containers were placed were signposted, 5,000 portable ashtrays were left at the information stand and awareness actions were carried out in the different workshops and stands in the market area.


The commitment of Granca Live Fest with the environment has gone beyond the celebration of the most important live music festival in the Canary Islands.

We have made the necessary calculation to know how to compensate our carbon footprint.

The result is that we have emitted 137 (tCO2e) in the combustion of generators, forklifts, emission of special effects, electricity and different types of transportation or travel.

And now it's time to offset it. How? Read on!

Our offset will be directed to a project in Peru. Specifically, the REDD project Conservación Madre de Dios in the Peruvian Amazon. This is a territory that is at serious risk of deforestation after the construction of the transoceanic highway that crosses the jungle.

This initiative has a dual objective: the fight against climate change and the fight against poverty, complying with several Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda. This project has been verified by the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) so we at the festival are confident that our compensation will be completely reliable.

Our commitment to the environment will continue for our next edition.

Our heart will continue to beat to the rhythm of the best music and to the sound of conservation and respect for the environment.

Thank you very much for being part of Granca Live Fest!


Tickets purchased are non-refundable.

Tickets cannot be exchanged, transferred or resold.

This ticket is issued in accordance with the rules and regulations of the venue and the event organizers.

For the safety of visitors to the venue, the organizers reserve the right of admission to the event, and on occasion may conduct security searches.

Please check your ticket immediately after purchase, not on the day of the event. Errors cannot always be rectified.

The organizers reserve the right to alter or vary the content of the event.

The organizer cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage to personal property, loss or theft of tickets.

Ticket holders consent to video and sound recording as part of the audience.

Entry with professional cameras is not permitted.

It is not allowed to enter the venue with any object deemed dangerous by the organization.

NO CONSIGNA IS AVAILABLE, please note that if you come on a motorcycle, you will not be able to enter with a helmet.

Once you enter the enclosure, you will not be able to leave and re-enter.

The organizing company reserves the right of admission to the site where the event will take place, in the case of breach of any of the above instructions, leaving it to the user to choose whether to get rid of the prohibited objects or renounce their entry to the same. It is also reported that the organizing company will check and review the belongings that each user wants to enter the enclosure and will act in accordance with current legislation in the event that there is resistance or opposition by consumers to compliance with the above, as well as to notify the competent authorities in the case of attempted access with expressly prohibited material.



Due to the numerous consultations and the existing legal vacuum regarding the possibility or not of accessing with food and/or beverages from the outside to the venues of festivals, concerts, movie theaters, sporting events and cultural shows in general, from GRANCA LIVE FEST and making use of the obligation to ensure safety in the development of such events according to current legislation, has agreed to allow such access with drinks and/or food purchased outside ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY in the circumstances and cases described below:

a) Beverages:

1.- The entry of plastic bottles with a maximum capacity of 500 ml (half liter) is permitted PROVIDED that they DO NOT have a cap or other analogous means of closing the container.

2.- The entry of glasses with a maximum capacity of 500 ml (half liter) with beverages is allowed PROVIDED that they are made of plastic or paper and do not have a lid or any other analogous means of closing the container.

It is expressly forbidden to enter the festival with bottles, glasses, cups or any other receptacle or article made of glass, ceramic, aluminum or any other material of a certain hardness, regardless of whether or not they have a lid or similar means of closure.

4.- It is expressly forbidden to bring alcoholic beverages into the premises, regardless of the container in which they are contained.

b) Food:

1.- It is allowed the entrance to the enclosure with a snack or similar (pastries, sandwich, snack...etc) for each attendee, PROVIDED THAT these foods do not pose a danger to other users and that they can’t be considered as throwing elements within the festival. In the event that the security staff considers the existence of an indication of danger, users may choose between the confiscation of such food or renounce entry to the site.

2.- It is forbidden to enter the festival with pieces of fruit, which by their nature and composition can also be throwing elements.

It is forbidden to enter with food in Tupper Ware or any other similar receptacle for food preservation (with or without lid) of any material that may be a throwing element inside the festival and that may endanger the safety of the rest of the users.

4.- It is forbidden to enter the festival site with any type of portable coolers or similar items for food preservation (with or without lid or closing mechanism).

It is forbidden to enter with any type of cutlery and similar kitchen utensils (forks, spoons, razors, knives, etc.) of any type or material.

6.- The introduction of ice (both natural and artificial) is prohibited.



Minors under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a legal guardian and hand in the authorization form at the entrance, download it "here".

Minors between 16 and 18 years of age may access the site without the need to be accompanied by a legal guardian, but must hand in the authorization form at the entrance, download it "here".


Transportes y movilidad

Estamos trabajando para que la edición 2023 del Granca Live Fest tenga las mejores conexiones de transporte. En breve actualizaremos información.

Travel packages

The travel packs available can be found at:

Canarias viaja



1. Where can I buy a ticket?

You can get your ticket either on our website or at


2. Where is the festival?

The festival will take place both days at the Gran Canaria Stadium.


3. What days is the festival?

The festival will take place on July 7th and 8th, 2023.


4. What are the opening hours of the festival?

The festival will open its doors at 3:00 p.m. and will end around 2:30 a.m.


5. What types of tickets are available?

We have four types of tickets:

- Bleacher: you will be able to sit in any area of the bleacher you choose. Access to the entertainment and restaurant area.

- Track: you will be closer to be able to see the artists. You will be able to move freely around the track area, in addition to being able to use the seats in the area. Access to the leisure and catering area.

- Premium: you will be in the front row. You will be able to move freely around the premium area and the dance floor, as well as make use of the seats in the latter. Access to the leisure and restaurant area.

- Platinum: you will be in an elevated area of the stadium, where you will have restrooms, food, bar and exclusive seats, as well as unique experiences. Access to the premium area. Access to the leisure and catering area.

- Box: your own private box in the high area of the stadium with capacity for 12 people, with your own bathroom, indoor and outdoor area, event merchandising and the best food and drinks. Access to all areas of the festival.


6. What is the difference between the arena ticket and the premium ticket?

The premium entrance is right in front of the stage, the track entrance is behind the premium area.


7. What is the difference between the premium and platinum tickets?

People who choose to buy the platinum ticket will be in an elevated area of the stadium, with restrooms, food, bar and exclusive seating, in addition to being able to be with the celebrities invited to the event. They also have free access to the premium zone, leisure and catering area.


8. Can everyone have access to the leisure and catering areas?

Yes, no matter what ticket you have. Everyone can access these two areas.


9. Can food and beverages be brought into the venue?

You have all the information about food and beverage access to the site in the conditions of our website.



10. How do I know where to enter?

Days before the festival we will publish an image with the different sections. In addition, there will be staff at each entrance to guide you and help you.


11. Is there public transportation or festival transportation?

There is no festival transportation, but we are working on increasing the amount of public transportation that will be available both days of the festival.


12. Is it possible to enter at any time?

Yes, you can enter until before the end of the festival.


13. Which artists will be performing in this edition?

You have all the information on the poster posted on our Instagram profile or on our website


14. Can I go in and out of the festival as many times as I want?

No. Once you enter the venue, if you leave you will not be able to re-enter.


15. Can I sit wherever I want?

No. The seats are not numbered, so you can sit wherever you want.


16. Can I move between sectors in the bleachers?

Yes, you can sit anywhere in the bleachers.


17. Do the premium and track areas have seats?

Yes, both areas have side seats so you can rest at any time without having to stop enjoying the festival.


18. Is it possible to dance in the grandstand area?

Of course you can! A festival couldn't be called a festival if you couldn't dance. You just have to do it in your seat or sector without obstructing the view of the other people in your sector.


19. Is it possible to change the type of ticket once purchased?

Yes, you can always upgrade your ticket up to the moment before entering the venue, always until the capacity of the area is reached. We recommend you not to leave it for the last day because the capacity may be full at the time you ask for the change.


20. If I’m unable to attend, can I give my ticket to someone else?

Yes, as the tickets are not nominative you can give them to anyone.


21. Can children enter the venue?

Yes, but we don’t recommend that young children attend.


22. From what age do children pay admission?

Children start paying admission at regular price once they turn 7 years old. All children under the age of 7 are free when accompanied by a responsible adult.


23. I am under 16 years old. How do I have to act to go to the festival?

You must enter with a responsible adult and fill out the access form for minors that you can find in the link on our Instagram profile, or directly on our website


24. I am over 16 years old, how do I have to act to go to the festival?

You don't need to be accompanied by a responsible adult, but you must fill out the access form for minors that you can find on our Instagram profile, or directly on our website


25. Can I buy tickets in physical format?

Tickets can only be purchased at


26. Will there be a box office at the festival to buy my ticket?

Yes, there will be a box office at the festival to buy or upgrade your ticket.


27. Until when can I change my ticket type?

You can upgrade your ticket until before entering the festival. This means that you must do it before scanning your ticket code, otherwise the change will not be possible.


Tickets and reduced mobility

You can purchase your reduced mobility (PRM) and accompanying persons with reduced mobility (APMR) tickets by telephone or mail. Call 902 488 488 and select option 1 or send an e-mail to